I watched the Congressional Hearing over misinformation from last week - 5 hours and 40 minutes, the whole damned thing. Here is what I’ve learned.

These types of hearings (there were a few in the past) are not being held to gain knowledge or to regulate Big Tech. These hearings…

30 years ago, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the introduction of the World Wide Web changed our world forever. While most media industries have successfully transformed their businesses into digital services, many news outlets are struggling. What happened in this transformational process? And where did publishers go astray?

My view of Journalism 2020 and why I think we must move faster - 5G faster

A few years ago, a barber asked me what my profession was. I replied I was a journalist. “What for?” he asked. Me: “That’s what I keep wondering myself.”

So what are we doing…

Nach dem Terroranschlag in Nizza waren meine Familie und ich fast 3 Jahre lang Zielscheibe von Hasspredigern und Verschwörungstheoretikern im Netz. So sehr ich mir gewünscht hätte, dass Google und Facebook gegen diese Hetzschriften und -Videos auf ihren Plattformen vorgehen, ein Upload-Filter wäre für uns nie in Frage gekommen. …

Facebook at SXSW

There are quite a few things I have done in my life that I’m not too proud of, but what happened today might have been one of the worst. I made a complete fool of myself in front of hundreds of people who had come to South-by-Southwest to have a…

The Truth is out there, somewhere — but so are the Lies

The doubts first sneaked in with the internet. And now mistrust towards the media has hit rock bottom. …

Die Wahrheit ist irgendwo da draussen — die Lügen auch.

>>> English text version

Mit dem Internet kamen die Zweifel. Selten war das Misstrauen gegenüber den Medien größer. Es ist, als würden sich die Menschen zum ersten Mal aus Platons Höhle bewegen und feststellen, dass die Schattenspiele auf dem Fernsehbildschirm lediglich Abbild einer größeren, weitaus komplexeren Welt sind.

Platons Höhlengleichnis…

rootclaim — the antidote to fake news?

Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 really shot down by pro-Russian Militias? Who was behind the poison gas attacks in Syria? A startup from Israel worked out a methodology to help bringing the truth to light even from the murkiest of situations.

The Web Re:volutionaries of Havana

Harold Cárdenas Lema from Havanna is 30 years old. He is in the process of writing his doctoral thesis. Together with a handful of likeminded friends he wants to reform Cuba. Here is a conversation about blogging, about Barack Obama and about the future of Cuba.

Picture: istockphoto.com

2015, I’m not quite done with you yet! What an exciting year you were after all. For me you were one of the most crucial media years of all time. 10 Insights from last year and a survival lesson for broadcasters and publishers.

We were at a crossroads in 2015…

Richard Gutjahr

Journalist, TV-Anchor, Time-Traveler

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